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May 19, 2009


Michael Della Penna

Dan - sorry for your loss and thanks for the reminder. Best,



Sorry for your loss, but a reminder to us all to make sure that we shouldn't take life for granted or that we have any assurances that we'll ever be able to say "goodbye" in our own terms and in own time.
I lost a brother and sister in the last 5 years to cancer (both far too young) and my greatest comfort in those difficult loses was having the abilty to see each one about a week before their deaths.
Maybe your blog will encourage someone to reach out TODAY to someone who has been a blessing in their life and they've lost touch with.
Be encouraged,

Niki Meade

I am so sorry for the loss of someone who clearly left an imprint on your life.

That being sad, this is why I continue to eat like a pig...

James C


A tough loss and thoughtful reminder of the virtue of living each day like it might be one's last.

Hang in there. I just had my vitals checked and my warranty extended at least through another Grinnell reunion or two . . . .

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