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Introduction Dan’s Reading Journal
What am I doing and why I am doing it?
Age is clearly catching up with me. I have tired of appearing to be brain damaged when friends ask me what good books I have read lately. My typical behavior in reaction to this question is becoming less and less impressive. After stammering and stuttering for some time, I spew forth a couple of the books that I can retrieve from some dark recess in my ravaged gray matter. The titles I remember may be recently read, or they may be childhood favorites for all I know at the time. Usually, I remember the really good books new to my experience within a couple of hours…..after my inquisitor has left. Defeated by my own inadequacies of memory, and too embarrassed to call when memory finally returns (usually right after looking at my bed table piled with books), I am left looking well read, but memory and mentally impaired. Thus was born the idea of actually keeping a journal of what I have read. With new technology, I will be posting old and new reviews….with no regular schedule…more of a drip of consciousness, spur of the moment kind of thing. Please enjoy.